Wii System haii use the spinning stars to navigate until i make better alternatives with actual text SAWRRYYY Wii System
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HI!! I'm dariius or ctrl64 i suppose!!
I made this so I could finally have my own personal space online to post my art, rants, essays, fics all in one place instead of multiple sites. I'll still keep those sites around, this is just an almagation of everything in my little personalized area:3c!!
and thank you sadgrl for the layout maker i used to build off to make my website :3!!
this is a huge wip since im in college rn ^____^ but in the meantime, sign my guestbook then tell me about your neocities so i can follow!! :3c

Vidapon's Artbox!


sketch out diary section

work on about section

draw graphics for home page

specific graphics to make are: graphic of me for left side of page, cloud mario for to do, logo or something to replace robros on top

center right side of page

try and join more webrings :3c

make ecosystem section of site and work on graphics for those

learn javascript to make ecosystem thingy