Ever since the birth of humanity, humanoid man-made objects have been coming to life under unknown circumstances. Mingling with man, this phenomenon has been around since the beginning, from depictions in cave paintings to world leaders being man-made. Dubbed by an old philospher, this marvel would be known as Inanimata Vita, and these living objects known as Inanimates.

Set in a vague future, follow RPS; a robot, originally part of a trio known as Project Star meant to help supply the needs of Maslow's Hierachry of Needs to mankind, who would develop Inanimata Vita while the project was dormant. Destroying the two other robots in an act of panic to preserve himself, he would later be known as a cold killer when it would be revealed those two robots were Inanimates.

Having been ostracized by peers and strangers alike, followed by flashing cameras every second, and threatened prison by the developers of Project Star, the mental turmoil is enough to kill him. Though before he is given the chance to make any rash decisions, one of the robots who had been thought dead, publicly forgives RPS and asks for him to be left unbothered. RPS is quickly located after by LOVELYWXRLD themself, the company behind Project Star, and realizes not only is the other project star robot alive, he is the new CEO of LOVELYWXRLD and head developer of the abandoned project star after the previous developers are deemed AWOL.

With a newfound chance at living, this story follows RPS, having now moved to a new city, Ataraxia, where he meets G'wain and Joseph at his new job. With a bright future ahead of him, RPS reveres in this normal life he's been blessed with, living unaware someone intends on kicking him down and out of this heavenly city.

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