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HAIII!! im and this is my internet home of sorts :3!! i made this site FOR ME!!! so i can post my art, writings, ocs and other things i love so much in one world :3c!!

BUTTTT anyway tank uuuuuuuu for visiting, no matter how long or short u stick around!! this is a huge wip since im in college but feel free to sign my guestbook and be my affiliate :D!!

updates :3c

02/19/24 16.19

work on youtubers page; set up neighborhood page later yup yup

01/10/24 08.55

ok updated oc page with lore caption, and new sprites for the ocs... theyre ponies now, but i think its cute and matches the aesthetic, like ponie figures on a shelf ok its cute to me tch... going to work on their individual pages with gallery, lore and a cute pagedoll for each hopefully yippee ^___^!!

10/18/23 03.29

OKAYYYYYYYYY finally added a new page instead of dicking around with my current ones COOL there's no real meaty content there yet but heyyy they hop when u hover over them yippeee!!! i rushed like every asset on that damn page because im impatient so sawry its ass LOL, i will make better ones LAYTOR. tho besides that, its super cutee yay im happy with their little chibis except joseph but ill redo hers later sawry joseph SIGHHH.. i used a shitton of position absolutes on that page with like every there so if it looks like crap on other resolutions i will sadly fix it, just think of it rn like the base idea of what i want my ocs page to look like LOL

10/06/23 23.05

about page loads a bit slow... might have to get rid of a few images methinks... ← cryinggg.... at least i fixed my home page and got rid of the ugly color. i did NAWt like that shade of green -____-

10/04/23 20.10

making my site and i can feel the jjba brainrot coming back as i add random stuff on here, might just work on my jojo page b4 getting around to my about page like i planned, im thinking too much and need to ramble neow LOL

10/02/23 03.08

redid my index and also my home page yippeee !!! :3c i know have a proper directory and my home page is starting to feel more me :)!! gonna fix up bgs and change some fo the headers on the home page, and also add in my about, but for now im happy with this!! :3c

09/20/23 02.01

okayyyy diary page done :3!!! might fix a few things here and there since i know the background is fucked on other screen sizes oh well. think im going to revamp my whole index/home page since it doesnt rlly have mario feel to it, i do like it a lot but it feels more like random stuff put together instead of anything coherent so i think ill work on fixing that whne i get the chance and also make better navigation links but anyway yipeee i love my diary page, coding things and having it ACTUALLY come out good is rewarding

09/16/23 16.23

FINISHED FAVS SECTION YAAAAA and it actually works now idk why the code last night was so buggy, i was worried i was gonna have to trash the whole thing but i fixed it :)!!! now i just have to make my links more clearer with text on both my home page and in the favs section since i didnt feel like doing that now, but go look if u want!! theres a functional back button too :)!! the whole favs section is supposed to look like the NSMBWII items screen so i hope i did a nice job recreating that :)! baby mario is just a place holder until i draw something or idk maybe he'll stick but yay!! my favs section is the first page i hand coded without a template so im pretty proud :)!!

09/16/23 04.56

so tired but i have a rough set down of what i want my favs section to look like which is nice LOL; i just need to clean it up since the code is so bad and wont even work for some reason but i at least have the graphics part of it done which is all that matters to me since it came out so nicely just like the nsmbw items screens :)!! doing this when i have to work monring and afternoon shift tomorrow was a horrible idea but whatver. im happy goodnighties to me

09/16/23 00.16

OKAIIII i gave up on having my silly gameboy thing on here whatver i dont even care ← holding back tears JOKING whatever i fixed it so it looks okay now on bigger windows, still looks fucked on mobile and when u minimize the window like at all but thats for a future time to fix (NEVER)

09/15/23 11.58

realized that my site looks fucked on bigger desktop windows and ill try fixing that today or tomorrow, it looks normal on my tiny ass laptop so i had no idea how fucked it looked LOL this is what it's supposed to look like (or at least looks like to me)

09/15/23 09.46

ummm im doing things hai

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